Your Company’s ThinkTeam

What Is It?

BOOK_IYour ThinkTeam provides you with a competitive advantage for sustaining and growing your business.

It is a program, provided by Success Programs, Inc., that shows you, a business leader, how to use your own resources to help you find a solution to a difficult, complex business situation that affects your entire organization.

It is a rigorous system that provides a documented means to address and develop the right implementable solution to meet your business goals and objectives.

Book, Your Company’s ThinkTeam; The Business Leader’s Guide to Solving Tough Problems and Implementing the Solutions is a step-by-step explanation of how the process works.

How to Begin?

find the answer

A ThinkTeam consists of a diverse set of select employees – as diverse as possible. Members work toward their common goal: to find the right solution and means for implementation.

Team Development

You expect us to work together?

You expect us to work together?

During the quest, ThinkTeam members follow a rigorous process during which they share and combine their expertise and varying perspectives. Learning to respect, trust, communicate, and hold each other accountable, they become a high-performing team.

Team members continuously communicate and share with each other what they are learning in their individual efforts of research and fact finding. The documented results add both to the organization’s knowledge management and form the basis for their continuing education.

Why it works?

Team members have a personal stake in the solution. Their diversity contributes both internal knowledge and external experiential ideas. They develop valuable expertise and become a new resource for you. One of the criteria for forming a ThinkTeam is that they know from the outset that they will also be involved in the implementation of their answer. Knowing that they are trusted and valued, they are highly engaged in their effort.


In addition to finding a solution that provides further sustainability and competitive advantage to the organization, individual members improve their skills in:

high_performing_teamsInterpersonal interactions;
Cooperation and collaboration;
Personal development;
Systems thinking; and
Problem solving,

to mention only a few of the desirable attributes in a workforce. These are basic skills that every employer wants their people to have. In addition to saving time and money getting to the solution, you pay nothing extra for your employee development!

High-performance teams give your company a strong competitive advantage. They improve your innovation, productivity and employee engagement. Your Company’s ThinkTeam is one variant of such teamwork.

think_starterIf you would like to think about using this process, you might want to look at our basic Your ThinkStarter: 12 Steps to Action Questionnaire.

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Silvia Zsoldos, Ph.D., President, Success Programs, Inc and author of Your Company’s ThinkTeam series.