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Soon available book: Your Company ThinkTeam; The Business Leader’s Guide to Solving Tough Problems and Implementing the Solutions.

This process is designed to assist you in dealing with a difficult, complex organizational problem from definition through finding the right solution, planning the implementation and executing it successfully.

Read the following Preface and decide for yourself!

This book shows you how a leader can maintain and grow his business in the rapidly changing global environment.

It is an affirmation that you don’t have to be a big to be good and healthy. It demonstrates, step by step, your way through a process: How to:

  • Engage;
  • Energize;
  • Upskill your employees;
  • Use their in-depth job-knowledge to solve vexing, complex organizational
  • problems;
  • And then use it

It is about frugality, about saving time and money, while moving forward.

It is about the simultaneous investments you make in yourself and your workforce. Not monetary investments, yet ones that can yield recurring financial returns. It shows you how to go about reaping the long-range benefits that can accrue from the initial outcome.

My work here is based on more than four decades of study, research, and learning about human interaction skills. It is a hybridization of the action learning process, many other problem solving methods, basic quality principles, management and leadership development programs, and a lifetime of my eclectic individual work and consulting experiences – good and bad.

Use of the Company ThinkTeam© offers you a way to permanently continue to improve your organization. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is, however, a solid foundation to build on, again and again.

My aim is to help you see how to help yourself, bearing in mind that,

initiative without “finishiative” is useless.

With my best wishes for your on-going success,

Silvia T. Zsoldos, Ph.D.
Your Solutioneer

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